Glass Pool Fencing Central Coast

Stylish and high quality glass pool fences for your pool on the Central Coast

We specialise in providing glass pool fencing solutions to surround and protect your swimming pool.

glass pool fencing and wooden outdoor floorboards on the central coast
glass pool fencing with empty pool and backyard central coast
glass pool fencing central coast

Stylish Pool Fencing Central Coast

Avoca Beach Fencing and Gates provides high quality glass pool fence and gate installations to protect and surround pools throughout the Central Coast. 

Having a fence around your pool is a legal requirement, so why not make it a standout design feature of your backyard! We work closely with you to ensure we can create something for your home that’s practical, easy on the eyes and won’t hurt your wallet.

We offer the complete pool fencing solution, including professional consultation on pool safety and legislation, installation of all pool fence products, as well as quality service and workmanship throughout the process.

Why Install A Glass Pool Fence?

  • Glass Pool Fencing is a great way to ensure safety in and around your pool
  • If you want to enjoy the view of your pool, glass fencing is a great choice because it will not obstruct your view
  • Glass pool fencing creates a clean, modern look for your Central Coast home
  • If you’re looking for a pool fence that’s easy to clean, glass is the best choice
  • A glass pool fence is a great way to shield the wind, keeping the water cleaner form swimming on windy days
  • Our glass pool fencing is compliant with Australian Pool Owner Regulations

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How To Maintain Your Glass Pool Fence

Whilst dirt and pool water can compromise the “see-through” nature of your glass fence, this style of fencing is extremely easy to maintain and keep clean.

For minor blemishes and marks, simply running a hose over it will wash away any unwanted temporary stains. This occasional hose-down will be more than enough for most situations, however you can also mix a bucket of warm water and some dish cleaning soap and use a sponge to wash over it. 

Another idea is to spray glass cleaner and run a microfibre cloth across it to remove any annoying water marks.

The Strength Of Our Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing isn’t your typical glass! People mistakenly assume this style of fencing is as easy to break as glass cups in your kitchen, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Glass fencing is manufactured in a unique way to maximise its strength and durability.

Our glass panels are made from high-quality tempered glass that will remain clear and intact even when exposed to harsh outdoor conditions over time.

With how thick glass fencing is, it’s notoriously difficult to break. Furthermore, if in a worst case scenario it does break, due to how it is crafted, it will shatter into small cubes rather than sharp glass fragments.

Glass Pool Fencing on the Central Coast
Glass Pool Fencing on the Central Coast
pool fencing central coast

Glass Pool Fencing Works As A Windbreak

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a lovely day out by the pool, only for the weather to start changing, with cold wind ripping through your backyard forcing everyone out of the pool shivering!

Due to it’s thickness and the small gaps between panels, glass fencing works as a fantastic windbreak, letting you stay in the pool longer!

Why We're The Central Coast Pool Fencing Experts

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and providing reliable and professional services at all times. We are a fully licensed and insured business and offer glass pool fencing installation at a highly competitive price. 

With multiple years of experience installing glass pool fencing on the Central Coast, we always ensure that our pool fences are safe and compliant with government regulations.  

If you’re interested in installing glass fencing around your pool area, call Avoca Beach Fencing and Gates today to arrange an onsite inspection and quote. 

If you don’t have time to call us, fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you. Nothing beats quality products matched with outstanding customer service.

Looking for other pool fencing options? We also provide aluminium pool fencing on the Central Coast, which is another practical and stylish option.