Timber Fencing Central Coast

Surround your Central Coast property with timber fencing.

In addition to being aesthetically appealing, timber fences last very long and are also very cost-effective.

Natural timber fencing is remarkably resilient even under the harshest conditions. This time tested material has a natural feel to soften up your borders while providing security to your property on the Central Coast.

At Avoca Beach Fencing we take pride in our delivery of expertise and the premium-grade materials that we use for our timber fencing. For supreme durability and quality, our timber of a superior choice and eco friendly. 

Why Install A Timber Fence?

  • It works well with virtually all types of home design
  • It can be used for both commercial and private property fencing
  • It’s is very easy to customise to fit your style
  • It is timeless and can also stand the test of time
  • It is very cost-effective

Timber Fencing Is Environmentally Friendly

Timber fencing has a low carbon footprint whilst being produced, making it a good choice for environmental sustainability. Furthermore, because of its density, timber fencing is very effective at absorbing noise, therefore minimising noise pollution.
slat timber fence central coast
backyard timber slat fence central coast

Timber Fencing Is Adaptable

There are many benefits associated with staining timber fencing. Most importantly it prolongs the life of the fence. However, an added benefit to staining your timber fence is that it improves its adaptable aesthetic. If after a few years you want to change the look of your timber fence, re-stain it in a different colour.

Timber Fencing Is Customisable

A positive feature for customers purchasing timber fencing is the added freedom of choice regarding height. Depending on your wants, timber fences can be higher to add more privacy, or lower to create a more open backyard.

Contact the Timber Fence Experts

As one of the best fencing contractors on the Central Coast, we have a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals who understand how a timber fence can elevate your property. We work hand in hand with our clients to deliver a fence that matches their specifications. We also provide advice on which designs would be ideal for both security and aesthetic purposes. 

To discuss timber fencing for your property, you can contact Avoca Beach Fencing by calling 0433 770 554, or by filling out our contact form. We’ll discuss with you any questions you may have, and will arrange an onsite inspection and free quote.

timber slat fence central coast

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